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Oct 8, 2011 5:00am EDT
us this footage showing clashes between troops and protesters. they say this has been going on for months. this is why we asked the government for permission to visit duma. this was the first place in damascus to see protests. as we enter duma the, the mood changes. we start to see soldiers. look closely. they are concealed in this all of growth. -- in this olive grove. we asked these men to go to places where people gathered. they take us to a filling station. we have been trying to negotiate with our escort. what we can see in the suburbs of duma, this is not very much. this is the time of day when not a lot of people are on the streets. people don't really want to film here. it feels like a ghost town. we have to meet people who live here. they insist, we need to move on. our next stop, a round about. pretty but deserted. we were hoping to meet some of the people of duma but it is pretty quiet here. we hear the call to prayer. can we go to the main mosque? they say, there isn't one. >> we haven't even talked to one person. you want us to go? ok, we're going. ok. they tell
Oct 15, 2011 7:00pm EDT
to overcome the criticism that he belongs to a cult. a texas pastor will tell us why a mormon is not necessarily fit for the white house. in egypt, the military is accused of organizing violence that leaves 25 people dead. as christians in cairo react, what does this say about life after the revolution. designed in scotland but made in mongolia by north koreans. you might be surprised where your winter belize come from -- winter woolies come from. republican presidential hopefuls gathered again this week for a presidential debate and new hampshire. among the hopefuls is the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney. he needs the support of bible belt america to successfully tracked the path to the white house. he is a mormon. some believe that it is a cult. >> out of the mountains they came searching for resign. in the shadow of the mountains in utah, the mormons founded their promised land. under the vast blue skies of the west, the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints built a city near the great salt lake. [singing] here in salt lake city, the church grew rich. it
Oct 29, 2011 7:00pm EDT
are worried because we will lose all of the land. that will leave us with nothing. >> in an age of food and security, as prices rise across the globe, there is pressure to dramatically change the way that the land of africa is cultivated. 50 years after the end of the colonial order, zambia is opening its doors to foreigners once more. >> there are excellent conditions for agriculture, the climate, the amount of water, the quality of the soil. >> this is the zambian bush. hear, the british firm has leased an existing commercial farm of 25,000 acres. their aim is to maximize profit by maximizing yields. >> the best yield is about 14.2 pounds. >> this man runs the operation. he used to farm in zimbabwe before it being driven off the land. he says it is possible to get 30 times the yield obtained through farming. the achieve this through economies of scale, better irrigations, and a new approach to soil. >> you can extract nutrients from the soil. >> this is vulnerable to more efficient farming. the farm labor depends for accommodation, medical care, education for the children. this projec
Oct 22, 2011 7:00pm EDT
dead bodies. they threw the bodies into trucks and then used fire engines to hose down the square. it was like a river of blood. yes, there was a massacre. >> i was taken on a tour of one of the most besieged parts of the city. >> don't look at this. look at this there. my guide and quick to me with a fake local id to get us past a checkpoint and told me to pretend to be his sister, which suited me fine. >> most of the time, the city is under attack. mothers cannot even go out to buy bread or milk for the children. people are hiding in their houses. they cannot go out. buses are used to transport the army. even schools are attacked and they are using some of them as prisons for the protesters. they want our children to remain stupid and an educated. -- uneducated. look at the rubbish in the streets. this is how they treat us. we have no water, electricity, or communication. >> there is an army patrol ahead. we have to go another way. he took me to meet one of the soldiers who was ordered to attack the people. >> when it came, we were ordered to kill everything that moved. everyone
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)